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PETSC_TRUE or PETSC_FALSE depending on whether the index set has been declared to be a permutation.


#include "petscis.h" 
PetscErrorCode  ISPermutation(IS is,PetscBool  *perm)
Logically Collective on IS

Input Parmeters

is - the index set

Output Parameters

perm - PETSC_TRUE if a permutation, else PETSC_FALSE

Note: If it is not alread known that the IS is a permutation (if ISSetPermutation() or ISSetInfo() has not been called), this routine will not attempt to compute whether the index set is a permutation and will assume perm is PETSC_FALSE. To compute the value when it is not already known, use ISGetInfo() with the compute flag set to PETSC_TRUE.

See Also

ISSetPermutation(), ISGetInfo()




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