Build (part of) a preconditioner by P S R (where P is often R^T) Use PCGalerkinSetRestriction(pc,R) and/or PCGalerkinSetInterpolation(pc,P) followed by PCGalerkinGetKSP(pc,&ksp); KSPSetOperators(ksp,A,….)

Developer Notes#

If KSPSetOperators() has not been called on the inner KSP then PCGALERKIN could use MatRARt() or MatPtAP() to compute the operators automatically.

Should there be a prefix for the inner KSP?

There is no KSPSetFromOptions_Galerkin() that calls KSPSetFromOptions() on the inner KSP

See Also#

PCCreate(), PCSetType(), PCType, PC, PCSHELL, PCKSP, PCGalerkinSetRestriction(), PCGalerkinSetInterpolation(), PCGalerkinGetKSP()





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