Default onvergence test of the solvers for systems of nonlinear equations.


#include "petsc/private/snesimpl.h"   
PetscErrorCode SNESConvergedDefault(SNES snes, PetscInt it, PetscReal xnorm, PetscReal snorm, PetscReal fnorm, SNESConvergedReason *reason, void *dummy)

Collective on snes

Input Parameters#

  • snes - the SNES context

  • it - the iteration (0 indicates before any Newton steps)

  • xnorm - 2-norm of current iterate

  • snorm - 2-norm of current step

  • fnorm - 2-norm of function at current iterate

  • dummy - unused context

Output Parameter#

  • reason - one of

   SNES_CONVERGED_FNORM_ABS       - (fnorm < abstol),
   SNES_CONVERGED_SNORM_RELATIVE  - (snorm < stol*xnorm),
   SNES_CONVERGED_FNORM_RELATIVE  - (fnorm < rtol*fnorm0),
   SNES_DIVERGED_FUNCTION_COUNT   - (nfct > maxf),
   SNES_DIVERGED_FNORM_NAN        - (fnorm == NaN),
   SNES_CONVERGED_ITERATING       - (otherwise),
   SNES_DIVERGED_DTOL             - (fnorm > divtol*snes->fnorm0)


  • maxf - maximum number of function evaluations, set with SNESSetTolerances()

  • nfct - number of function evaluations,

  • abstol - absolute function norm tolerance, set with SNESSetTolerances()

  • rtol - relative function norm tolerance, set with SNESSetTolerances()

  • divtol - divergence tolerance, set with SNESSetDivergenceTolerance()

  • fnorm0 - 2-norm of the function at the initial solution (initial guess; zeroth iteration)

Options Database Keys#

  • -snes_convergence_test default - see SNESSetFromOptions()

  • -snes_stol - convergence tolerance in terms of the norm of the change in the solution between steps

  • -snes_atol - absolute tolerance of residual norm

  • -snes_rtol - relative decrease in tolerance norm from the initial 2-norm of the solution

  • -snes_divergence_tolerance - if the residual goes above divtol*rnorm0, exit with divergence

  • -snes_max_funcs <max_funcs> - maximum number of function evaluations

  • -snes_max_fail <max_fail> - maximum number of line search failures allowed before stopping, default is none

  • -snes_max_linear_solve_fail - number of linear solver failures before SNESSolve() stops

See Also#

SNES, SNESSolve(), SNESSetConvergenceTest(), SNESConvergedSkip(), SNESSetTolerances(), SNESSetDivergenceTolerance()








SNESConvergedDefault_VI in src/snes/impls/vi/vi.c

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