Implements the LCD (left conjugate direction) method

Options Database Keys#

  • -ksp_lcd_restart - number of vectors conjugate

  • -ksp_lcd_haptol - tolerance for exact convergence (happy ending)


Support only for left preconditioning


  • **** -*** J.Y. Yuan, G.H.Golub, R.J. Plemmons, and W.A.G. Cecilio. Semiconjugate direction methods for real positive definite system. BIT Numerical Mathematics, 44(1),2004.

  • **** -*** Y. Dai and J.Y. Yuan. Study on semiconjugate direction methods for nonsymmetric systems. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 60, 2004.

  • **** -*** L. Catabriga, A.L.G.A. Coutinho, and L.P.Franca. Evaluating the LCD algorithm for solving linear systems of equations arising from implicit SUPG formulation of compressible flows. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 60, 2004

  • **** -*** L. Catabriga, A. M. P. Valli, B. Z. Melotti, L. M. Pessoa, A. L. G. A. Coutinho, Performance of LCD iterative method in the finite element and finite difference solution of convection diffusion equations, Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering, (Early View).

Contributed by#

Lucia Catabriga luciac@ices.utexas.edu

See Also#

KSP: Linear System Solvers, KSPCreate(), KSPSetType(), KSPType, KSP, KSPCGSetType(), KSPLCDSetRestart(), KSPLCDSetHapTol()





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