PETSc Development Team

Current Developers

The following people are currently active contributers to PETSc’s development and maintenance.


Please do not email individual PETSc authors. E-mail to is automatically distributed to the authors, so our response time using this address will be fastest. See mailing lists or bug reporting for more information.

Shrirang Abhyankar

Mark Adams

Satish Balay

Blaise Bourdin

Jed Brown

Lisandro Dalcin

Alp Dener


Jacob Faibussowitsch

Glenn Hammond

Vaclav Hapla

Toby Isaac

Pierre Jolivet

Matthew Knepley

Fande Kong

Scott Kruger

Oana Marin

Dave May

Lois Curfman McInnes

Richard Tran Mills

Lawrence Mitchell

Hannah Morgan

Todd Munson

Jose E. Roman

Karl Rupp

Patrick Sanan

Barry Smith

Hansol Suh

Brandon Whitchurch

Stefano Zampini

Hong Zhang

Hong Zhang

Junchao Zhang

Emeritus Developers

Steven J. Benson

Peter Brune

Kris Buschelman

Victor Eijkhout

Sean Farley

William Gropp

Dmitry Karpeev

Dinesh Kaushik

Victor Minden

Jason Sarich

Stefan Wild