PETSc version 3.17.4
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sets parameters in a DM from the options database


#include "petscdm.h"          
#include "petscdmlabel.h"     
#include "petscds.h"     
PetscErrorCode DMSetFromOptions(DM dm)
Collective on dm

Input Parameter

dm - the DM object to set options for

Options Database

-dm_preallocate_only - Only preallocate the matrix for DMCreateMatrix(), but do not fill it with zeros
-dm_vec_type <type> - type of vector to create inside DM
-dm_mat_type <type> - type of matrix to create inside DM
-dm_is_coloring_type - <global or local>
-dm_bind_below <n> - bind (force execution on CPU) for Vec and Mat objects with local size (number of vector entries or matrix rows) below n; currently only supported for DMDA

DMPLEX Specific creation options

-dm_plex_filename <str> - File containing a mesh
-dm_plex_boundary_filename <str> - File containing a mesh boundary
-dm_plex_name <str> - Name of the mesh in the file
-dm_plex_shape <shape> - The domain shape, such as DM_SHAPE_BOX, DM_SHAPE_SPHERE, etc.
-dm_plex_cell <ct> - Cell shape
-dm_plex_reference_cell_domain <bool> - Use a reference cell domain
-dm_plex_dim <dim> - Set the topological dimension
-dm_plex_simplex <bool> - PETSC_TRUE for simplex elements, PETSC_FALSE for tensor elements
-dm_plex_interpolate <bool> - PETSC_TRUE turns on topological interpolation (creating edges and faces)
-dm_plex_scale <sc> - Scale factor for mesh coordinates
-dm_plex_box_faces <m,n,p> - Number of faces along each dimension
-dm_plex_box_lower <x,y,z> - Specify lower-left-bottom coordinates for the box
-dm_plex_box_upper <x,y,z> - Specify upper-right-top coordinates for the box
-dm_plex_box_bd <bx,by,bz> - Specify the DMBoundaryType for each direction
-dm_plex_sphere_radius <r> - The sphere radius
-dm_plex_ball_radius <r> - Radius of the ball
-dm_plex_cylinder_bd <bz> - Boundary type in the z direction
-dm_plex_cylinder_num_wedges <n> - Number of wedges around the cylinder
-dm_plex_reorder <order> - Reorder the mesh using the specified algorithm
-dm_refine_pre <n> - The number of refinements before distribution
-dm_refine_uniform_pre <bool> - Flag for uniform refinement before distribution
-dm_refine_volume_limit_pre <v> - The maximum cell volume after refinement before distribution
-dm_refine <n> - The number of refinements after distribution
-dm_extrude <l> - Activate extrusion and specify the number of layers to extrude
-dm_plex_transform_extrude_thickness <t> - The total thickness of extruded layers
-dm_plex_transform_extrude_use_tensor <bool> - Use tensor cells when extruding
-dm_plex_transform_extrude_symmetric <bool> - Extrude layers symmetrically about the surface
-dm_plex_transform_extrude_normal <n0,...,nd> - Specify the extrusion direction
-dm_plex_transform_extrude_thicknesses <t0,...,tl> - Specify thickness of each layer
-dm_plex_create_fv_ghost_cells - Flag to create finite volume ghost cells on the boundary
-dm_plex_fv_ghost_cells_label <name> - Label name for ghost cells boundary
-dm_distribute <bool> - Flag to redistribute a mesh among processes
-dm_distribute_overlap <n> - The size of the overlap halo
-dm_plex_adj_cone <bool> - Set adjacency direction
-dm_plex_adj_closure <bool> - Set adjacency size

DMPLEX Specific Checks

-dm_plex_check_symmetry - Check that the adjacency information in the mesh is symmetric - DMPlexCheckSymmetry()
-dm_plex_check_skeleton - Check that each cell has the correct number of vertices (only for homogeneous simplex or tensor meshes) - DMPlexCheckSkeleton()
-dm_plex_check_faces - Check that the faces of each cell give a vertex order this is consistent with what we expect from the cell type - DMPlexCheckFaces()
-dm_plex_check_geometry - Check that cells have positive volume - DMPlexCheckGeometry()
-dm_plex_check_pointsf - Check some necessary conditions for PointSF - DMPlexCheckPointSF()
-dm_plex_check_interface_cones - Check points on inter-partition interfaces have conforming order of cone points - DMPlexCheckInterfaceCones()
-dm_plex_check_all - Perform all the checks above

See Also

DMView(), DMCreateGlobalVector(), DMCreateInterpolation(), DMCreateColoring(), DMCreateMatrix(),
DMPlexCheckSymmetry(), DMPlexCheckSkeleton(), DMPlexCheckFaces(), DMPlexCheckGeometry(), DMPlexCheckPointSF(), DMPlexCheckInterfaceCones()








DMSetFromOptions_DA in src/dm/impls/da/dacreate.c
DMSetFromOptions_Forest in src/dm/impls/forest/forest.c
DMSetFromOptions_pforest in src/dm/impls/forest/p4est/pforest.h
DMSetFromOptions_Moab in src/dm/impls/moab/dmmoab.cxx
DMSetFromOptions_Network in src/dm/impls/network/networkcreate.c
DMSetFromOptions_Patch in src/dm/impls/patch/patchcreate.c
DMSetFromOptions_Plex in src/dm/impls/plex/plexcreate.c
DMSetFromOptions_Stag in src/dm/impls/stag/stag.c

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