PETSc version 3.16.3
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set DMStag coordinates to be a uniform grid


PetscErrorCode DMStagSetUniformCoordinates(DM dm,PetscReal xmin,PetscReal xmax,PetscReal ymin,PetscReal ymax,PetscReal zmin,PetscReal zmax)

Input Parameters

dm - the DMStag object
xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax,zmin,zmax - maximum and minimum global coordinate values


DMStag supports 2 different types of coordinate DM: DMSTAG and DMPRODUCT. Arguments corresponding to higher dimensions are ignored for 1D and 2D grids.

Local coordinates are populated (using DMSetCoordinatesLocal()), linearly extrapolated to ghost cells, including those outside the physical domain. This is also done in case of periodic boundaries, meaning that the same global point may have different coordinates in different local representations, which are equivalent assuming a periodicity implied by the arguments to this function, i.e. two points are equivalent if their difference is a multiple of (xmax - xmin) in the x direction, (ymax - ymin) in the y direction, and (zmax - zmin) in the z direction.

See Also

DMSTAG, DMPRODUCT, DMStagSetUniformCoordinatesExplicit(), DMStagSetUniformCoordinatesProduct(), DMStagSetCoordinateDMType(), DMGetCoordinateDM(), DMGetCoordinates(), DMDASetUniformCoordinates(), DMBoundaryType




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