PETSc version 3.17.2
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makes the default convergence test use min(|| B*(b - A*(initial guess))||,|| B*b ||) In the case of right preconditioner or if KSPSetNormType(ksp,KSP_NORM_UNPRECONDITIONED) is used there is no B in the above formula. UMIRNorm is short for Use Minimum Initial Residual Norm.


#include "petscksp.h" 
PetscErrorCode  KSPConvergedDefaultSetUMIRNorm(KSP ksp)
Collective on ksp

Input Parameters

ksp - iterative context

Options Database

-ksp_converged_use_min_initial_residual_norm <bool> - Use minimum of initial residual norm and b for computing relative convergence

Use KSPSetTolerances() to alter the defaults for rtol, abstol, dtol.

The precise values of reason are macros such as KSP_CONVERGED_RTOL, which are defined in petscksp.h.

See Also

KSPSetConvergenceTest(), KSPSetTolerances(), KSPConvergedSkip(), KSPConvergedReason, KSPGetConvergedReason(), KSPConvergedDefaultSetUIRNorm(), KSPConvergedDefaultSetConvergedMaxits()




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