PETSc version 3.15.4
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Registers a name that can be used for either a sequential or its corresponding parallel matrix type. MatSetType() and -mat_type will automatically use the sequential or parallel version based on the size of the MPI communicator associated with the matrix.


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode  MatRegisterRootName(const char rname[],const char sname[],const char mname[])

Input Parameters

rname - the rootname, for example, MATAIJ
sname - the name of the sequential matrix type, for example, MATSEQAIJ
mname - the name of the parallel matrix type, for example, MATMPIAIJ

Notes: The matrix rootname should not be confused with the base type of the function PetscObjectBaseTypeCompare()

Developer Notes: PETSc vectors have a similar rootname that indicates PETSc should automatically select the appropriate VecType based on the size of the communicator but it is implemented by simply having additional VecCreate_RootName() registerer routines that dispatch to the appropriate creation routine. Why have two different ways of implementing the same functionality for different types of objects? It is confusing.

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