Data structure (C struct) for storing information about a single row or column of a matrix as indexed on an associated grid. These are arguments to MatSetStencil() and MatSetBlockStencil()


typedef struct {
  PetscInt k, j, i, c;
} MatStencil;

The i,j, and k represent the logical coordinates over the entire grid (for 2 and 1 dimensional problems the k and j entries are ignored). The c represents the the degrees of freedom at each grid point (the dof argument to DMDASetDOF()). If dof is 1 then this entry is ignored.

For stencil access to vectors see DMDAVecGetArray(), DMDAVecGetArrayF90().

Fortran usage is different, see MatSetValuesStencil() for details.

See Also#

MatSetValuesStencil(), MatSetStencil(), MatSetValuesBlockedStencil(), DMDAVecGetArray(), DMDAVecGetArrayF90()





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