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Sets the local subdomains (for this processor only) for the additive Schwarz preconditioner.


#include "petscpc.h" 
PetscErrorCode  PCASMSetLocalSubdomains(PC pc,PetscInt n,IS is[],IS is_local[])
Collective on pc

Input Parameters

pc - the preconditioner context
n - the number of subdomains for this processor (default value = 1)
is - the index set that defines the subdomains for this processor (or NULL for PETSc to determine subdomains)
is_local - the index sets that define the local part of the subdomains for this processor, not used unless PCASMType is PC_ASM_RESTRICT (or NULL to not provide these)

Options Database Key

To set the total number of subdomain blocks rather than specify the index sets, use the option
-pc_asm_local_blocks <blks> - Sets local blocks


The IS numbering is in the parallel, global numbering of the vector for both is and is_local

By default the ASM preconditioner uses 1 block per processor.

Use PCASMSetTotalSubdomains() to set the subdomains for all processors.

If is_local is provided and PCASMType is PC_ASM_RESTRICT then the solution only over the is_local region is interpolated back to form the global solution (this is the standard restricted additive Schwarz method)

If the is_local is provided and PCASMType is PC_ASM_INTERPOLATE or PC_ASM_NONE then an error is generated since there is no code to handle that case.

See Also

PCASMSetTotalSubdomains(), PCASMSetOverlap(), PCASMGetSubKSP(),
PCASMCreateSubdomains2D(), PCASMGetLocalSubdomains(), PCASMType, PCASMSetType()








PCASMSetLocalSubdomains_ASM in src/ksp/pc/impls/asm/asm.c

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