Creates a matrix-free matrix context for use with a SNES solver that uses the More method to compute an optimal h based on the noise of the function. This matrix can be used as the Jacobian argument for the routine SNESSetJacobian().


#include "petscsnes.h"   
PetscErrorCode MatCreateSNESMFMore(SNES snes, Vec x, Mat *J)

Input Parameters#

  • snes - the SNES context

  • x - vector where SNES solution is to be stored.

Output Parameter#

  • J - the matrix-free matrix

Options Database Keys#

  • -snes_mf_err <error_rel> - see MatCreateSNESMF()

  • -snes_mf_umin - see MatCreateSNESMF()

  • -snes_mf_compute_err - compute the square root or relative error in function

  • -snes_mf_freq_err - set the frequency to recompute the parameters

  • -snes_mf_jorge - use the method of Jorge More


This is an experimental approach, use MatCreateSNESMF().

The matrix-free matrix context merely contains the function pointers and work space for performing finite difference approximations of Jacobian-vector products, J(u)*a, via

J(u)*a = [J(u+h*a) - J(u)]/h,
where by default
h = error_rel*u'a/||a||^2                        if  |u'a| > umin*||a||_{1}
= error_rel*umin*sign(u'a)*||a||_{1}/||a||^2   otherwise
error_rel = square root of relative error in
function evaluation
umin = minimum iterate parameter
Alternatively, the differencing parameter, h, can be set using
Jorge's nifty new strategy if one specifies the option

The user can set these parameters via MatMFFDSetFunctionError(). See Users-Manual: ch_snes for details

The user should call MatDestroy() when finished with the matrix-free matrix context.

See Also#

SNESCreateMF(), MatCreateMFFD(), MatDestroy(), MatMFFDSetFunctionError()





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