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Get updated state and time-derivative history vectors.


#include "petscts.h"  
PetscErrorCode TSTrajectoryGetUpdatedHistoryVecs(TSTrajectory tj, TS ts, PetscReal time, Vec *U, Vec *Udot)
Collective on TSTrajectory

Input Parameter

tj - the TS trajectory context
ts - the TS solver context
time - the requested time

Output Parameter

U - state vector at given time (can be interpolated)
Udot - time-derivative vector at given time (can be interpolated)

Notes: The vectors are interpolated if time does not match any time step stored in the TSTrajectory(). Pass NULL to not request a vector. This function differs from TSTrajectoryGetVecs since the vectors obtained cannot be modified, and they need to be returned by calling TSTrajectoryRestoreUpdatedHistoryVecs().

See Also

TSSetSaveTrajectory(), TSTrajectoryCreate(), TSTrajectoryDestroy(), TSTrajectoryRestoreUpdatedHistoryVecs(), TSTrajectoryGetVecs()




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