Checks if the result of a dot product used by the corresponding KSP contains Inf or NaN. These indicate that the previous application of the preconditioner generated an error. Sets a KSPConvergedReason and returns if the PC set a PCFailedReason. Collective

Input Parameter#

  • ksp - the linear solver KSP context.

Output Parameter#

  • beta - the result of the inner product

Developer Notes#

Used to manage returning from KSP solvers collectively whose preconditioners have failed, possibly only a subset of MPI processes, in some way

It uses the fact that KSP piggy-backs the collectivity of certain error conditions on the results of norms and inner products.

See Also#

PCFailedReason, KSPConvergedReason, PCGetFailedReasonRank(), KSP, KSPCreate(), KSPSetType(), KSP, KSPCheckNorm(), KSPCheckSolve(), KSPSetErrorIfNotConverged()





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