Two level overlapping Schwarz preconditioner with exotic (non-standard) coarse grid spaces This uses the PCMG infrastructure restricted to two levels and the face and wirebasket based coarse grid spaces.


Must be used with DMDA

By default this uses KSPGMRES on the fine grid smoother so this should be used with KSPFGMRES or the smoother changed to not use KSPGMRES

These coarse grid spaces originate in the work of Bramble, Pasciak and Schatz [BPS89]. They were generalized slightly in “Domain Decomposition Method for Linear Elasticity”, Ph. D. thesis, Barry Smith, [Smi90]. They were then explored in great detail in Dryja, Smith, Widlund [DSW94]. These were developed in the context of iterative substructuring preconditioners.

They were then ingeniously applied as coarse grid spaces for overlapping Schwarz methods by Dohrmann and Widlund. They refer to them as GDSW (generalized Dryja, Smith, Widlund preconditioners). See, for example, [DKW08c], [DKW08a], [DKW08b], [DW09].

The usual PCMG options are supported, such as -mg_levels_pc_type -mg_coarse_pc_type and -pc_mg_type



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KSP: Linear System Solvers, PCMG, PCSetDM(), PCExoticType, PCExoticSetType()





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