Changes: 2.1.5#


  • Replace autoconf-configure with python-configure. Tested on Linux, IRIX, Alpha-OSF, Mac OSX

  • Added PETSc interface to UMFPACK (Seq)

  • SuperLU & SuperLU_DIST insterface is updated to the latest download versions. Complex version of these packages are now supported.

  • Added Support for QR factorization into PETSc/SPOOLES interface (Seq)

  • Added Support for installing PETSc with TAU instrumentation package. Please check config files in bmake/linux_tau.

  • Added support for Cray SX-6 vector machine


  • Added VecMaxPointwiseDivide()


  • Added MatTranspose() for SBAIJ

  • Added MatConvert_SeqAIJ_SeqSBAIJ()

  • Added MatGetInertia()

  • Added MatAXPY() to SBAIJ and BAIJ mat formats

  • Added MatSetValuesBlocked() for SEQSBAIJ and MPISBAIJ formats

  • Improved single precision SSE factorization routines

  • Added scalable parallel binary viewer for MPIAIJ matrix


  • Added ICC preconditioner support for MATSEQAIJ

  • PCSetUp() now defaults to ICC for SBAIJ

  • BoomerAMG preconditioner now defaults to zero initial guess

  • Added GetTotalBlocks() and GetLocalBlocks() to PCBJacobi

  • Improved LU and ILU damping for AIJ matrix type - New factorization damping policy (check manual)



  • Added TSGetDuration()


  • Turned off logging of objects and actions by default - saves memory usage

  • Reduce memory usage for DA and SDA objects

  • Support generation of SBAIJ matrices from DA


  • Added f90 support for intel compilers on linux and linux64