Nonlinear Solvers (SNES)#

The Scalable Nonlinear Equations Solvers (SNES) component provides an easy-to-use interface to Newton-type, quasi-Newton, full approximation scheme (FAS) multigrid, and other methods for solving systems of nonlinear equations. User guide chapter: SNES: Nonlinear Solvers.

SNES internally employs KSP for the solution of its linear systems. SNES users can also set KSP options directly in application codes by first extracting the KSP context from the SNES context via SNESGetKSP() and then directly calling various KSP (and PC) routines,


Beginner - Basic usage#

Intermediate - Setting options for algorithms and data structures#

Advanced - Setting more advanced options and customization#

Developer - Interfaces rarely needed by applications programmers#

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