Changes: 2.2.1#


  • Introduced 4 new PETSc data types: PetscInt, PetscErrorCode, PetscMPIInt and PetscBLASInt. For 99% of users these are just int or integer*4 and you do not need to change your code.

  • For users with more than roughly 2 billion unknowns you can run configure with –with-64-bit-ints and then PetscInt will represent 64 bit integers, long long int in C and integer*8 in Fortran. But the the other 3 types remain 32 bit (i.e. int in C and integer*4 in Fortran). Now you can index into vectors and matrices with virtually unlimited sizes.


  • VecSetStashInitialSize() -> VecStashSetInitialSize()

  • VecConvertMPIToAll() and VecConvertMPIToZero() have been replaced with VecScatterCreateToAll() and VecScatterCreateToZero()


  • ISSum() now has a throughput argument instead of one in and one output.


  • MatSetStashInitialSize() -> MatStashSetInitialSize()

  • added MatFactorInfoInitialize()

  • added MatStashGetInfo()

  • added MatGetVecs()

  • added MatIsSymmetric(), MatIsTranspose() now take a tolerance flag for equality (use 0.0 for identical)

  • added MatMPIAIJSetPreallocationCSR() and MatMPIBAIJSetPreallocationCSR()


  • ICC now uses Manteuffel shift by default

  • If matrix is symmetric, PC defaults to ICC when possible, if you told with MatSetOption(mat,MAT_SYMMETRIC)

  • PCSetVector() is gone (no longer needed)

  • PCNullSpaceAttach() is gone, use KSPSetNullSpace()

  • MatGetSubmatrices() now preserves symmetric flag of original matrix

  • hypre BoomerAMG (-pc_type hypre -pc_hypre_type boomeramg) now uses one 1 cycle of multigrid as preconditioner (Previously it used either a decrease in residual of 10^-7 or a maximum of 20 iterations


  • Note that a relative residual tolerance now means that ||r_k|| < tol*||b||

  • Removed KSPSetRhs() and KSPSetSolution(), pass

  • Added KSPSetNullSpace(), KSPGetNullSpace()


  • Added DAGetGhostedCoordinates() and DAGetCoordinateDA() (see src/dm/da/examples/tutorials/ex3.c)

  • Added DACoor2d and DACoor3d (see src/dm/da/examples/tutorials/ex3.c)

  • DAGetInterpolation() now provides the correct interpolation for nonuniform grids using the coordinate information provided with DASetCoordinates(). (see src/dm/da/examples/tutorials/ex3.c)


  • –with-c/f-blas-lapack -> –download-c/f-blas-lapack=yes

  • –with-c/f-blas-lapack-if-needed -> –download-c/f-blas-lapack=ifneeded

  • added –download-mpich=yes,no,ifneeded

  • added –download-mpich-device=

  • added –download-mpich-machines=[machines]

  • added configure including download support for hypre, parmetis

  • added configure support (without download) to Mumps, UMF, Superlu,SuperLU_dist,DSCPACK

  • Made configure much more robust


  • Added -snes_converged_reason

  • Added SNESSetRhs(snes,rhs) to allow for solving F(x) = rhs



  • Added DMMGSetNullSpace()