Compute the mapping from the physical coordinate system for a given element to the canonical reference element. In addition to finding the inverse mapping evaluation through Newton iteration, the basis function at the parametric point is also evaluated optionally.


#include "petscdt.h" 
#include "petscdmmoab.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMMoabPToRMapping(const PetscInt dim, const PetscInt nverts, const PetscReal *coordinates, const PetscReal *xphy, PetscReal *natparam, PetscReal *phi)

Input Parameters#

  • PetscInt dim - the element dimension (1=EDGE, 2=QUAD/TRI, 3=HEX/TET)

  • PetscInt nverts - the number of vertices in the physical element

  • PetscReal coordinates - the coordinates of vertices in the physical element

  • PetscReal[3] xphy - the coordinates of physical point for which natural coordinates (in reference frame) are sought

Output Parameters#

  • PetscReal[3] natparam - the natural coordinates (in reference frame) corresponding to xphy

  • PetscReal[nverts] phi - the basis functions evaluated at the natural coordinates (natparam)





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