Extract a subset of mesh cells defined by a label as a separate mesh


#include "petscdmplex.h"    
#include "petscdmlabel.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMPlexFilter(DM dm, DMLabel cellLabel, PetscInt value, PetscBool ignoreLabelHalo, PetscBool sanitizeSubmesh, PetscSF *ownershipTransferSF, DM *subdm)

Input Parameters#

  • dm - The original mesh

  • cellLabel - The DMLabel marking cells contained in the new mesh

  • value - The label value to use

  • ignoreLabelHalo - The flag indicating if labeled points that are in the halo are ignored

  • sanitizeSubmesh - The flag indicating if a subpoint is forced to be owned by a rank that owns a subcell that contains that point in its closure

Output Parameters#

  • ownershipTransferSF - The PetscSF representing the ownership transfers between parent local meshes due to submeshing.

  • subdm - The new mesh


This function produces a DMLabel mapping original points in the submesh to their depth. This can be obtained using DMPlexGetSubpointMap().

On a given rank, the leaves of the ownershipTransferSF are the points in the local mesh that this rank gives up ownership of (in the submesh), and the remote locations for these leaves are tuples of rank and point that represent the new owners.

See Also#

DMPlex: Unstructured Grids, DM, DMPLEX, DMPlexGetSubpointMap(), DMGetLabel(), DMLabelSetValue(), DMPlexCreateSubmesh()





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