Saves a section associated with a DMPLEX


#include "petscdmplex.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMPlexSectionView(DM dm, PetscViewer viewer, DM sectiondm)


Input Parameters#

  • dm - The DM that contains the topology on which the section to be saved is defined

  • viewer - The PetscViewer for saving

  • sectiondm - The DM that contains the section to be saved, can be NULL


This function is a wrapper around PetscSectionView(); in addition to the raw section, it saves information that associates the section points to the topology (dm) points. When the topology (dm) and the section are later loaded with DMPlexTopologyLoad() and DMPlexSectionLoad(), respectively, this information is used to match section points with topology points.

In general dm and sectiondm are two different objects, the former carrying the topology and the latter carrying the section, and have been given a topology name and a section name, respectively, with PetscObjectSetName(). In practice, however, they can be the same object (or in case sectiondm is NULL) if it carries both topology and section; in that case the name of the object is used as both the topology name and the section name.

See Also#

DMPlex: Unstructured Grids, DM, DMPLEX, DMView(), DMPlexTopologyView(), DMPlexCoordinatesView(), DMPlexLabelsView(), DMPlexGlobalVectorView(), DMPlexLocalVectorView(), PetscSectionView(), DMPlexSectionLoad(), PetscViewer







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