Allows the user to define the initial Jacobian matrix from which the LMVM-type approximation is built up.


#include "petscksp.h" 
PetscErrorCode MatLMVMSetJ0(Mat B, Mat J0)

Input Parameters#

  • B - A MATLMVM matrix

  • J0 - The initial Jacobian matrix


The inverse of this initial Jacobian is applied using an internal KSP solver, which defaults to KSPGMRES.

This internal KSP solver has the “mat_lmvm_” option prefix.

Another MATLMVM matrix can be used in place of J0, in which case updating the outer MATLMVM matrix will also trigger the update for the inner MATLMVM matrix. This is useful in cases where a full-memory diagonal approximation such as MATLMVMDIAGBRDN is used in place of J0.

See Also#

KSP: Linear System Solvers, LMVM Matrices, MATLMVM, MatLMVMSetJ0PC(), MatLMVMSetJ0KSP()





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