MATSEQAIJ = “seqaij” - A matrix type to be used for sequential sparse matrices, based on compressed sparse row format.

Options Database Key#

  • -mat_type seqaij - sets the matrix type to “seqaij” during a call to MatSetFromOptions()


MatSetValues() may be called for this matrix type with a NULL argument for the numerical values, in this case the values associated with the rows and columns one passes in are set to zero in the matrix

MatSetOptions(,MAT_STRUCTURE_ONLY,PETSC_TRUE) may be called for this matrix type. In this no space is allocated for the nonzero entries and any entries passed with MatSetValues() are ignored

Developer Note#

It would be nice if all matrix formats supported passing NULL in for the numerical values

See Also#

Matrices, Mat, MatCreateSeqAIJ(), MatSetFromOptions(), MatSetType(), MatCreate(), MatType, MATSELL, MATSEQSELL, MATMPISELL





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