Newton based nonlinear solver that uses trust-region dogleg method with Cauchy direction [NW06]

Options Database Keys#

  • -snes_tr_tol - trust region tolerance

  • -snes_tr_eta1 - trust region parameter eta1 <= eta2, rho > eta1 breaks out of the inner iteration (default: eta1=0.001)

  • -snes_tr_eta2 - trust region parameter, rho <= eta2 shrinks the trust region (default: eta2=0.25)

  • -snes_tr_eta3 - trust region parameter eta3 > eta2, rho >= eta3 expands the trust region (default: eta3=0.75)

  • -snes_tr_t1 - trust region parameter, shrinking factor of trust region (default: 0.25)

  • -snes_tr_t2 - trust region parameter, expanding factor of trust region (default: 2.0)

  • -snes_tr_deltaM - trust region parameter, max size of trust region (default: MAX_REAL)

  • -snes_tr_delta0 - trust region parameter, initial size of trust region (default: 0.2)

  • -snes_tr_fallback_type <newton,cauchy,dogleg> - Solution strategy to test reduction when step is outside of trust region. Can use scaled Newton direction, Cauchy point (Steepest Descent direction) or dogleg method.



Jorge Nocedal and Stephen Wright. Numerical optimization. Springer Science & Business Media, 2006.

See Also#

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