Calls a user provided PETSc callback function and then checks the resulting error code, if it is non-zero it calls the error handler and returns from the current function with the error code.


#include <petscerror.h>
void PetscCallBack(const char *functionname, PetscFunction(args))

Not Collective; No Fortran Support

Input Parameters#

  • functionname - the name of the function being called, this can be a string with spaces that describes the meaning of the callback

  • PetscFunction - user provided callback function that returns an error code

Example Usage#

  PetscCallBack("XXX callback to do something", a->callback(...));


Once the error handler is called the calling function is then returned from with the given error code. Experienced users can set the error handler with PetscPushErrorHandler().

PetscCallBack() should only be called in PETSc when a call is being made to a user provided call-back routine.

See Also#

SETERRQ(), PetscCheck(), PetscCall(), PetscAssert(), PetscTraceBackErrorHandler(), PetscCallMPI() PetscPushErrorHandler(), PetscError(), CHKMEMQ, CHKERRA(), CHKERRMPI(), PetscCall()





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