Sets the objective/gradient evaluation routine for the line search


#include "petsctaolinesearch.h" 
PetscErrorCode TaoLineSearchSetObjectiveAndGradientRoutine(TaoLineSearch ls, PetscErrorCode (*func)(TaoLineSearch ls, Vec x, PetscReal *f, Vec g, void *ctx), void *ctx)

Logically Collective

Input Parameters#

  • ls - the TaoLineSearch context

  • func - the objective and gradient evaluation routine

  • ctx - the (optional) user-defined context for private data

Calling sequence of func#

  • ls - the linesearch object

  • x - input vector

  • f - function value

  • g - gradient vector

  • ctx - (optional) user-defined context


Use this routine only if you want the line search objective and gradient evaluation routines to be different from the Tao’s objective and gradient evaluation routines.

Some algorithms (lcl, gpcg) set their own objective routine for the line search, application programmers should be wary of overriding the default objective routine.

See Also#

TAO: Optimization Solvers, Tao, TaoLineSearch, TaoLineSearchCreate(), TaoLineSearchSetObjectiveRoutine(), TaoLineSearchSetGradientRoutine(), TaoLineSearchUseTaoRoutines()





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