Changes: 2.1.2#


  • Win32fe now takes –nt4 option for compatibility on NT4

  • Supports cygwinpaths in win32fe

  • Better support for borland tools

  • Added PetscOptionsInsertString()

  • Allow full path of debugger to be specified using -start_in_debugger option

  • Better hyperlinks across documentation (including users manual)


  • Support for global reductions on local functions

  • Allow coloring of periodic grids

AO (Application Orderings):

TS (Timestepping Solvers):


SNES (Nonlinear Solvers):

  • Removed all minimization support in PETSc. TAO package should be used for this functionality.

SLES (Linear Solvers):

KSP (Krylov Subspace Methods):

  • Support -ksp_unpreconditioned_norm in -ksp_type cr

PC (Preconditioners):

  • Added support for PCType PCMAT (PC based on a matvec)

  • Added support for PCType PCHYPRE (includes PILUT, EUCLID, and BoomerAMG)

  • Cholesky - additional info from factorization

MAT (Matrices):

  • SBAIJ matmult - improve performance by optimizing communication.

  • markdiagonal - performance optimization.

  • SuperLU interface improved (check page 75 in the user’s manual)

  • DSCPACK interface inproved

  • Spooles interface added

DA (Distributed Arrays):

VEC (Vectors):

IS (Index Sets):

Draw (Graphics):

  • Added flag to support turning off axis resizing


  • Allow drawing rectangles in postscript


Error Handling:

Event Logging:

Fortran Interface: