Changes: 2.3.1#


  • -log_info is now just -info; PetscLogInfo…() is now PetscInfo…()

  • Added TOPS solver components. [requires CCA tools like babel]

  • Added supported for IBM BGL with optimzed fortran kernels

  • bin/petscarch is removed. Use can give any name to PETSC_ARCH. [if not - configure picks a default name]

  • PetscMap is no longer a public PETSc object


  • Changed prototypes for VecMDotBegin(), VecMDotEnd(), VecMTDotBegin(), VecMTDotEnd() to confirm with PETSc prototype style

  • ISColoringCreate() takes another argument


  • MatScaleSystem() and MatUnscaleSystem() now take arguments b,x instead of x,b

  • Added MatSeqAIJSetPreallocationCSR(), MatGetSubMatrixRaw()

  • Added MatSolveTranspose() for superlu

  • Added support for matrix types MATCSRPERM, MATCRL - for vector based machines.

  • Added MatMatMult for seqdense

  • Added MatRealPart, ImaginaryPart for AIJ, BAIJ, SBAIJ matrices

  • Added MatGetRowUpperTriangular() to mpisbaij matrix


  • PCPrometheusSetCoordinates() changed to PCSetCoordinates()

  • Moved src/ksp/pc/pcimpl.h to include/petsc/private/pcimpl.h

  • PCPreSolve() and PCPostSolve() now consistently take arguments b,x before sometimes they took x,b

  • PCXXXSetYYY() and -pc_xxx_yyyy are now changed to PCFactorSetYYY() and -pc_factor_yyyy for XXX LU, ILU, Cholesky, and ICC


  • -ksp_view, -ksp_monitor now take an optional filename argument

  • Added PetscLLAddPerm() to symbolic LU factorization


  • Changed –with-64-bit-ints to –with-64-bit-indices

  • config/ now supports the arguments –with-precision=longdouble and –with-precision=int, these currently have limited functionality and certain things like binary IO does not work.

  • Option –LIBS=<extra libs> for some broken compilers that require that require extra system libraries to be linked with

  • Changed –with-fortran-kernels=<0,1> option to –with-fortran-kernels=<none,generic,bgl>

  • Support –with-large-file-io=<bool> which indicates using files larger than 2GB

  • –with-f90-header, –with-f90-source options merged into a single option - for eg: –with-f90-interface=intel8

  • Added –with-is-color-value-type=<char,short>: char gives max of 256 colors, short gives max of 65536 colors

  • Configure always tries to build libraries with PIC [or equivalent flag] To disable this, use: –with-pic=0

  • Added –with-c-language-support for comiling PETSc with ‘c’ linkage - but with a c++ compiler.

  • —download-mpich option now defaults to pm=gforker. To use mpd - use the additional option –download-mpich-pm=mpd

  • –with-timer option is added [if the user knows MPI_Wtime() is accurate/low-overhead on a machine - then use: –with-timer=mpi]


  • -snes-view, -snes_monitor now take an optional filename argument


  • -ts_view, -ts_monitor now take an optional filename argument



  • Arguments to DMMGSetKSP() changed. Now the callback which forms the linear system matrix can optionally fill also an alternate matrix for the preconditioner.


  • PetscViewerFileType changed to PetscFileMode

  • PetscViewerSetFileType() changed to PetscViewerFileSetMode()


  • remove the special libpetscfortran.a [fortran interface & c interface now go into the same library]

  • With some f90 compilers - PETSc datatypes [like PetscScalar,PetscInt] will use f90 KIND declaration - so if this code is in fixed form - there could be errors with lines exceeding 72 char limit


  • PLAPACK support added

  • BLOPEX support added

  • Updated Pvode interface to the newer Sundials package [configure option –download-sundials=1

  • Added –download-mpe=1

  • fblaslapack now has complete blas - as required by some external packages