Changes: 3.2#


  • –download-c-blas-lapack is replaced with –download-f2cblaslapack

  • –with-precision=__float128 –download-f2cblaslapack is now support for newish GNU gcc compiler

  • Calling sequence of PetscBinarRead.m has been changed

  • All XXXDestroy() functions now take a pointer to the object itself so that it can be nullified after destruction.

  • PetscError() and SETERRQX() now take a MPI_Comm as the first argument to indicate where the error is known. If you don’t know what communicator use then pass in PETSC_COMM_SELF

  • Added PetscObjectAddOptionsHandler() that allows adding new routines to any object that are called to process options when XXXSetFromOptions() is called.

  • Changed PetscTruth to PetscBool, PETSC_TRUTH to PETSC_BOOL, PetscOptionsTruth to PetscOptionsBool, etc.

  • Introduced PetscCopyMode

  • Changed -log_history to -history and PetscLogOpenHistory() PetscLogCloseHistory() to PetscOpenHistory(), PetscCloseHistory() because “log” is reserved for related to the performance logging

  • Changed PetscOptionsPrint() to PetscOptionsView()

  • Changed PetscLogPrintSummary() to PetscLogView()

  • Using gcc 4.6 you can now ./configure –with-precision=__float128 –download-qblaslapack to get computations in quad precision. gfortran 4.6 is also supported. Warning some of the PETSc printing of numbers in some places will print garbage. I haven’t figured out a way to handle the %G format. Can be run in parallel :-)

  • PetscFListFind() now takes a searchlibraries flag, if this is set and the function is NOT found in the function list then the libraries and executable are searched (when shared or dynamic libraries are used). Previously it always search the libraries and executables if not found in the list.

  • PetscOpenMPxxx() utilities are now PetscHMPIxxx() for hierarchical MPI, the previous name was bad


  • PetscCookie changed to PetscClassId in all forms.


  • –with-64-bit-pointers option removed. It doesn’t work properly anway. The user should specify the correct 32bit or 64bit compilers to configure. For eg: configure --with-cc='gcc -m64'             --with-fc='gfortran -m64'

  • Python requirement is changed from 2.2 to 2.3

  • Changed –with-shared to –with-shared-libraries, –known-mpi-shared to –known-mpi-shared-libraries and –with-dynamic to –with-dynamic-loading

  • ‘ifneeded’ support removed. ‘–download-package=ifneeded’ should now be ‘–download-package’

  • The make macro PETSC_INCLUDE has been replaced by PETSC_CC_INCLUDES and PETSC_FC_INCLUDES for C and Fortran, respectively.


  • ISBlock(),ISStride() are removed. Use PetscTypeCompare((PetscObject)is,ISBLOCK,&flag), PetscTypeCompare((PetscObject)is,ISSTRIDE,&flag) instead.

  • Added ISCreate(), ISSetType(), ISRegister() etc to match style of other PETSc objects. Also added ISGeneralSetIndices(), ISBlockSetIndices(), ISStrideSetStride()

  • ISCreateGeneral() and ISCreateBlock() now takes PetscCopyMode as an argument and hence ISCreateGeneralNC() and ISCreateGeneralWithArray() are not needed and removed. Use ISCreateGeneral() with the argument PETSC_OWN_POINTER and PETSC_USE_POINTER instead.

  • ISLocalToGlobalMappingCreate() now takes PetscCopyMode as an additional argument and ISLocalToGlobalMappingCreateNC() is no longer needed and removed

  • ISStrideToGeneral() is replaced with ISToGeneral() that works for all basic IS types.

  • ISCreateBlock() now takes indexing relative to block, no longer relative to element. This is to match the paradigm of Vec/MatSetValuesBlocked()

  • ISBlockGetBlockSize() is now ISGetBlockSize(). Block sizes can be set for conforming ISGENERAL and ISSTRIDE using ISSetBlockSize().

  • ISAllGatherIndices() is removed, use ISCreateGeneral() then ISAllGather().


  • The source array is marked constant in PFApply and the callback.


  • changed VecSqrt() to VecSqrtAbs()

  • VecLoad() and VecLoadIntoVector() have been merged into a single NEW VecLoad() that takes a partially constructed vector as input and loads according to any type or sizes that have previously been set into the Vec.

  • VecDestroyVecs(PetscInt n,Vec **) instead of VecDestroyVecs(Vec**,PetscInt n), also VecDestroyVecsF90(PetscInt n,{Vec, pointer :: x},PetscErrorCode ierr)

  • VecLoad() does NOT access the options database to check for the VecType, call VecSetFromOptions() first if you wish to check it.

  • VecDestroyVecs() now takes the pointer to the first array and zeros it on return

  • VecDestroy() now zeros the pointer to the destroyed vector so it cannot be reused

  • VecDestroyVecs(PetscInt n,Vec **) instead of VecDestroyVecs(Vec**,PetscInt n)


  • The ghost indices for VecCreateGhostBlock() and VecCreateGhostBlockWithArray() are now by block instead of by entry.






  • It is an error to call MatSetOption() before the implementation has been created (after MatSetSizes() and MatSetType()). Formerly, options were silently ignored in this circumstance.

  • Added MatSetMumpsIcntl()

  • MatLoad() now takes a created Mat as input (and no longer a Mat type), if you provide the size and type in the Mat then that is used other defaults are used.


  • MatCreateSeqCRL() -> MatCreateSeqAIJCRL() MatCreateMPICRL() -> MatCreateMPIAIJCRL()


  • MatCreateSeqCSRPERM() -> MatCreateSeqAIJPERM() MatCreateMPICSRPERM() -> MatCreateMPIAIJPERM()

  • Added MatZeroRowsColumns() and MatZeroRowsColumnsIS().

  • MatZeroRows() and MatZeroRowsIS() now take an x and b vector as optional arguments; if these are provided then the b[idx[i]] is set to diag*x[idx[i]]] for all rows listed in idx[].

  • MatSetLocalToGlobalMapping() and MatSetLocalToGlobalMappingBlock() now take separate row and column maps. MatPreallocateSetLocal() has an extra argument for the column mapping.

  • MatLoad() does NOT access the options database to check for the MatType, call MatSetFromOptions() first if you wish to check it.

  • Removed MatMFFDSetFromOptions() since one can call MatSetFromOptions()

  • MatGetLocalMat() and MatGetLocalMatCondensed() are now MatMPIAIJGetLocalMat() and MatMPIAIJGetLocalMatCondensed()



  • PCFieldSplitSetIS() and PCFieldSplitSetFields() now take a split-name parameter which is used to define the options database keys.

  • CHOLMOD can be used for Cholesky factorization using AIJ or SBAIJ(1) matrix formats.

  • PCREDUNDANT now uses the inner KSP with the inner PC. Default is still preonly for KSP and LU for PC so default behavior is the same but now you can use for example -redundant_ksp_gmres. PCRedundantGetPC() is now changed to PCRedundantGetKSP()

  • The header “petscmg.h” is renamed to “petscpcmg.h”, “petscasa.h” is renamed to “petscpcasa.h”.

  • The preconditioner PCBFBT has been removed. The same functionality is available in PCFIELDSPLIT.

  • PCOPENMP is now PCHMPI and its prefix is now -hmpi_ for heirarchical MPI

  • PCMGSetGalerkin() has a second argument of type PetscBool.


  • KSPSetPreconditionerSide() changed to KSPSetPCSide() to match name of second argument

  • -ksp_right_pc -ksp_left_pc changed to -ksp_pc_side left,right,symmetric to match KSPSetPCSide()

  • Added KSPGMRESGetRestart() and KSPGMRESGetCGSRefinementType()

  • Added KSPGMRESGetOrthogonalization()

  • KSPAddOptionsChecker() is replaced with PetscObjectAddOptionsHandler()

  • Added KSPSPECEST which estimates the spectrum on the first solve and uses it to configure a reduction-free method for subsequent solves, intended for use when reductions are expensive such as levels of multigrid.


  • Added SNESLineSearchSetMonitor() and -snes_ls_monitor.

  • Add SNESKSPONLY, for solving linear problems with SNES.

  • Added the minlambda argument to SNESLineSearchGetParams() and SNESLineSearchSetParams().


  • Rename TSCRANK_NICHOLSON to TSCN and TSRUNGE_KUTTA to TSRK for consistency.

  • TSSetIFunction() and TSSetRHSFunction() have an additional argument for the vector to compute the function value in. If PETSC_NULL is used, then one is created by the TS.

  • TSSetMatrices() has been removed, use TSSetIFunction() and TSSetRHSFunction(), perhaps providing Jacobian matrices and TSComputeRHSFunctionLinear() and/or TSComputeRHSJacobianConstant(). See src/ts/examples/tutorials/ex{2,4,5,6}.c for an example.

  • Added TSARKIMEX: additive Runge-Kutta implicit-explicit methods for multi-rate systems.

  • Changed TSStep() interface to only perform one step, added TSSolve() to perform multiple steps with callbacks and monitors if desired.

  • Added TSSetExactFinalTime(), replaces TSSundialsSetExactFinalTime().


  • Change array argument of DAGetArray and related functions from void** to void* to avoid the need for an explicit cast (the argument still has the meaning of a pointer to d-dimensionally indexed array of user-defined node type, old code will still compile correctly but the cast is no longer necessary).

  • DAGetCoordinates(), DAGetGhostedCoordinates(), and DAGetCoordinateDA() now return borrowed references. The returned object should not be destroyed by the user.

  • Added DAVecGetArrayF90()

  • Changed DASetVertexDivision to DASetOwnershipRanges

  • The SDA object and all its method have been removed

  • The DA, ADDA, Slice and DMComposite objects are now all represented by a DM object.

  • Routines that began with ADDA and Slice now begin with DMADDA and DMSlice

  • DA/ADDA/Slice/DMCompositeGetMatrix() -> DMGetMatrix(), similar for all other routines that have a DM version

  • Removed DASetType(), DARegister() etc since they will all be handled via DMSetType() etc

  • Added DMSetUp() that is called, for example, after all the parameters are passed to the DM object to actually construct the data structures; replace all calls to DASetType() with calls to DMSetUp()

  • DAXXX() routines are now either DMXXX() or DMDAXXX() see petscdmda.h for details

  • The operation DALocalToGlobal() which performed no communication can now be performed with DMLocalToGlobalBegin/End() with INSERT_VALUES.

  • petscda.h, petscdadef.h and petscda.h90 are now petscdmda.h, petscdmdadef.h, and petscdmda.h90

  • DAGetISLocalToGlobalMapping() and DAGetISLocalToGlobalMappingBlck() are now DMGetLocalToGlobalMapping() and DMGetLocalToGlobalMappingBlock() and are collective since they may be constructed lazily.

  • DMGetBlockSize() is added.

  • Changed DMDAPeriodicType to DMDABoundaryType, and changed this enum to only specify one boundary (one for each dimension). This enum is now one of DMDA_BOUNDARY_NONE, DMDA_BOUNDARY_GHOSTED, or DMDA_BOUNDARY_PERIODIC. See DMDABoundaryType man page for more.

  • DMDASetPeriodicity() is now DMDASetBoundaryType(), and API is changed to take three DMDABoundaryType arguments.

  • Changed API for DMDACreate*D(), DMDAGetInfo() to take the correct number of DMDABoundaryType enums for the dimension.

  • DMDASetGhostedCoordinates() is added to set coordinates of non-periodic ghost cells.




  • Added PetscViewerASCIIOpenWithFILE() and PetscViewerASCIISetFILE()

  • Added PetscViewerASCIISynchronizedAllow() which must be called before using PetscViewerASCIISynchronizedPrintf()


  • PetscOptionsAtoi(),PetscOptionsAtod(),PetscOptionsAtol() -> PetscOptionsStringToInt(), PetscOptionsStringToReal(), PetscOptionsStringToBool()

  • PetscFListFind() takes an additional argument to look up the symbol in dynamically loaded libraries if not already in the list.

  • Added PetscBagSetOptionsPrefix(), which allows a prefix for the option names of bag items.

  • The preloading macros as well as developer-level logging and profiling functions have been namespaced, e.g. PreLoadBegin() is now PetscPreLoadBegin().