PETSc Developers Communication Channels#


Day-to-day development happens at the PETSc GitLab repository. There, you can find the history and development version of the source code, see or create issues, see or create merge requests, and more.

Mailing Lists#

Joining the mailing lists and Discord.

Comments and questions regarding PETSc design and development should go to

Configuration issues (with make.log and configure.log attached) should be reported to

For bugs and other issues, we encourage developers to create a GitLab account and file issues directly; this allows better tracking of long-term bug reports and feature requests.

General questions regarding the use of PETSc can, as usual, go to (public) or (private, can handle large attachments).

Responding to User Requests and Questions#

PETSc users communicate to the PETSc team via the mailing lists and, Discord, and with PETSc GitLab Issues. When responding there, please follow these guidelines:

  • Be polite and behave according to the Code of Conduct.

  • Address the person by name (when you can determine a name).

  • Apologize for the problem when it is appropriate.

  • Thank the person for their patience if it is more than six hours since the report came in.

  • If the person drops “petsc-maint” or “petsc-users” from the reply list, add it back.

  • Don’t ask too many questions or give too many suggestions in the same email. The user often responds only to the first of them or becomes confused.