PETSc Development Environment#

In the course of developing PETSc, you may find the following useful in setting up your build and development environment.

Influential configure flags#

  • --with-strict-petscerrorcode:

    This makes PetscErrorCode non-discardable (see PETSC_NODISCARD) in order to catch instances of missing PetscCall() and friends. For this reason it is highly encouraged that you configure with this option. CI will already have it enabled, doing so locally will save you the pain of re-running it.

    For the vast majority of cases (this includes C++ constructors/destructors!), you must fix discarded PetscErrorCode warnings by wrapping your call in the appropriate PetscCall() variant. If you are choosing to intentionally silence the warnings by ignoring the return code you may do so in the following way:

    PetscErrorCode ierr;
    ierr = SomePetscFunction(); // OK, capturing result
    (void)ierr; // to silence set-but-not-used warnings

Editor Integrations#