Gets a local vector with the coordinates of specified points and the section describing its layout.


#include "petscdm.h"          
PetscErrorCode DMGetCoordinatesLocalTuple(DM dm, IS p, PetscSection *pCoordSection, Vec *pCoord)

Not Collective

Input Parameters#

  • dm - the DM

  • p - the IS of points whose coordinates will be returned

Output Parameters#

  • pCoordSection - the PetscSection describing the layout of pCoord, i.e. each point corresponds to one point in p, and DOFs correspond to coordinates

  • pCoord - the Vec with coordinates of points in p


DMGetCoordinatesLocalSetUp() must be called first. This function employs DMGetCoordinatesLocalNoncollective() so it is not collective.

This creates a new vector, so the user SHOULD destroy this vector

Each process has the local and ghost coordinates

For DMDA, in two and three dimensions coordinates are interlaced (x_0,y_0,x_1,y_1,…) and (x_0,y_0,z_0,x_1,y_1,z_1…)

See Also#

DM, DMDA, DMSetCoordinatesLocal(), DMGetCoordinatesLocal(), DMGetCoordinatesLocalNoncollective(), DMGetCoordinatesLocalSetUp(), DMGetCoordinates(), DMSetCoordinates(), DMGetCoordinateDM()





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