Create an index set object from the local vector of the network


#include "petscdmnetwork.h"  
PetscErrorCode DMNetworkCreateLocalIS(DM dm, PetscInt numkeys, PetscInt keys[], PetscInt blocksize[], PetscInt nselectedvar[], PetscInt *selectedvar[], IS *is)

Not Collective

Input Parameters#

  • dm - DMNETWORK object

  • numkeys - number of keys

  • keys - array of keys that define the components of the variables you wish to extract

  • blocksize - block size of the variables associated to the component

  • nselectedvar - number of variables in each block to select

  • selectedvar - the offset into the block of each variable in each block to select

Output Parameter#

  • is - the index set


Use blocksize[i] of -1 to indicate select all the variables of the i-th component, for which nselectvar[i] and selectedvar[i] are ignored. Use NULL, NULL, NULL to indicate for all selected components one wishes to obtain all the values of that component. For example, DMNetworkCreateLocalIS(dm,1,&key,NULL,NULL,NULL,&is) will return an is that extracts all the variables for the 0-th component.

See Also#

DM, DMNETWORK, DMNetworkCreate(), DMNetworkCreateIS(), ISCreateGeneral()





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