Get the global offset for accessing the variables associated with a component for the given vertex/edge from the global vector


#include "petscdmnetwork.h"  
PetscErrorCode DMNetworkGetGlobalVecOffset(DM dm, PetscInt p, PetscInt compnum, PetscInt *offsetg)

Not Collective

Input Parameters#

  • dm - the DMNETWORK object

  • p - the edge or vertex point

  • compnum - component number; use ALL_COMPONENTS if no specific component is requested

Output Parameter#

  • offsetg - the global offset


These offsets can be passed to MatSetValues() for matrices obtained with DMCreateMatrix().

For vectors obtained with DMCreateGlobalVector() the offsets can be used with VecSetValues().

For vectors obtained with DMCreateGlobalVector() and the array obtained with VecGetArray(vec,&array) you can access or set the vector values with array[offset - rstart] where restart is obtained with VecGetOwnershipRange(v,&rstart,NULL);

See Also#

DM, DMNETWORK, DMNetworkGetLocalVecOffset(), DMGetGlobalVector(), DMNetworkGetComponent(), DMCreateGlobalVector(), VecGetArray(), VecSetValues(), MatSetValues()





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