“plex” - A DM object that encapsulates an unstructured mesh, or CW Complex, which can be expressed using a Hasse Diagram. In the local representation, Vecs contain all unknowns in the interior and shared boundary. This is specified by a PetscSection object. Ownership in the global representation is determined by ownership of the underlying DMPLEX points. This is specified by another PetscSection object.

Options Database Keys#

  • -dm_refine_pre - Refine mesh before distribution

  • -dm_refine_uniform_pre - Choose uniform or generator-based refinement

  • -dm_refine_volume_limit_pre - Cell volume limit after pre-refinement using generator

  • -dm_distribute - Distribute mesh across processes

  • -dm_distribute_overlap - Number of cells to overlap for distribution

  • -dm_refine - Refine mesh after distribution

  • -dm_plex_hash_location - Use grid hashing for point location

  • -dm_plex_hash_box_faces <n,m,p> - The number of divisions in each direction of the grid hash

  • -dm_plex_partition_balance - Attempt to evenly divide points on partition boundary between processes

  • -dm_plex_remesh_bd - Allow changes to the boundary on remeshing

  • -dm_plex_max_projection_height - Maximum mesh point height used to project locally

  • -dm_plex_regular_refinement - Use special nested projection algorithm for regular refinement

  • -dm_plex_reorder_section - Use specialized blocking if available

  • -dm_plex_check_all - Perform all checks below

  • -dm_plex_check_symmetry - Check that the adjacency information in the mesh is symmetric

  • -dm_plex_check_skeleton - Check that each cell has the correct number of vertices

  • -dm_plex_check_faces - Check that the faces of each cell give a vertex order this is consistent with what we expect from the cell type

  • -dm_plex_check_geometry - Check that cells have positive volume

  • -dm_view :mesh.tex:ascii_latex - View the mesh in LaTeX/TikZ

  • -dm_plex_view_scale - Scale the TikZ

  • -dm_plex_print_fem - View FEM assembly information, such as element vectors and matrices

  • -dm_plex_print_fvm - View FVM assembly information, such as flux updates

See Also#

DMPlex: Unstructured Grids, DM, DMPLEX, DMType, DMPlexCreate(), DMCreate(), DMSetType(), PetscSection







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