Get the pointwise time derivative of the exact solution function for a given test field


#include "petscds.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscDSGetExactSolutionTimeDerivative(PetscDS prob, PetscInt f, PetscErrorCode (**sol)(PetscInt dim, PetscReal t, const PetscReal x[], PetscInt Nc, PetscScalar u[], void *ctx), void **ctx)

Not Collective

Input Parameters#

  • prob - The PetscDS

  • f - The test field number

Output Parameters#

  • sol - time derivative of the exact solution for the test field

  • ctx - time derivative of the exact solution context

Calling sequence of exactSol#

  • dim - the spatial dimension

  • t - current time

  • x - coordinates of the current point

  • Nc - the number of field components

  • u - the solution field evaluated at the current point

  • ctx - a user context

See Also#

PetscDS, PetscDSSetExactSolutionTimeDerivative(), PetscDSGetExactSolution()





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