Gets the neighbor information for each local block index


Collective the first time it is called

Input Parameter#

  • mapping - the mapping from local to global indexing

Output Parameters#

  • n - number of local block nodes

  • n_procs - an array storing the number of processes for each local block node (including self)

  • procs - the processes’ rank for each local block node (sorted, self is first)


The user needs to call ISLocalToGlobalMappingRestoreBlockNodeInfo() when the data is no longer needed. The information returned by this function complements that of ISLocalToGlobalMappingGetBlockInfo(). The latter only provides local information, and the neighboring information cannot be inferred in the general case, unless the mapping is locally one-to-one on each process.

See Also#

ISLocalToGlobalMappingDestroy(), ISLocalToGlobalMappingCreateIS(), ISLocalToGlobalMappingCreate(), ISLocalToGlobalMappingGetBlockInfo(), ISLocalToGlobalMappingRestoreBlockNodeInfo(), ISLocalToGlobalMappingGetNodeInfo()





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