Gets the neighbor information for each process


#include "petscis.h"  
PetscErrorCode ISLocalToGlobalMappingGetInfo(ISLocalToGlobalMapping mapping, PetscInt *nproc, PetscInt *procs[], PetscInt *numprocs[], PetscInt **indices[])

Collective the first time it is called

Input Parameter#

  • mapping - the mapping from local to global indexing

Output Parameters#

  • nproc - number of processes that are connected to the calling process

  • procs - neighboring processes

  • numprocs - number of indices for each process

  • indices - indices (in local numbering) shared with neighbors (sorted by global numbering)


The user needs to call ISLocalToGlobalMappingRestoreInfo() when the data is no longer needed.

Fortran Notes#

There is no ISLocalToGlobalMappingRestoreInfo() in Fortran. You must make sure that procs[], numprocs[] and indices[][] are large enough arrays, either by allocating them dynamically or defining static ones large enough.

See Also#

Low-level Vector Communication, ISLocalToGlobalMappingDestroy(), ISLocalToGlobalMappingCreateIS(), ISLocalToGlobalMappingCreate(), ISLocalToGlobalMappingRestoreInfo(), ISLocalToGlobalMappingGetNodeInfo()





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