Preallocates the A matrix, using information from a MATPREALLOCATOR mat, optionally filling A with zeros


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode MatPreallocatorPreallocate(Mat mat, PetscBool fill, Mat A)

Input Parameters#

  • mat - the MATPREALLOCATOR preallocator matrix

  • fill - fill the matrix with zeros

  • A - the matrix to be preallocated


This MatType implementation provides a helper utility to define the correct preallocation data for a given nonzero structure. Use this object like a regular matrix, e.g. loop over the nonzero structure of the matrix and call MatSetValues() or MatSetValuesBlocked() to indicate the nonzero locations. The matrix entries provided to MatSetValues() will be ignored, it only uses the row / col indices provided to determine the information required to be passed to MatXAIJSetPreallocation(). Once you have looped over the nonzero structure, you must call MatAssemblyBegin(), MatAssemblyEnd() on mat.

After you have assembled the preallocator matrix (mat), call MatPreallocatorPreallocate() to define the preallocation information on the matrix (A). Setting the parameter fill = PETSC_TRUE will insert zeros into the matrix A. Internally MatPreallocatorPreallocate() will call MatSetOption(A, MAT_NEW_NONZERO_ALLOCATION_ERR, PETSC_TRUE);

This function may only be called once for a given MATPREALLOCATOR object. If multiple Mats need to be preallocated, consider using MatDuplicate() after this function.

See Also#







MatPreallocatorPreallocate_Preallocator() in src/mat/impls/preallocator/matpreallocator.c

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