Zeros all entries (except possibly the main diagonal) of a set of rows of a matrix; using local numbering of rows.


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode MatZeroRowsLocal(Mat mat, PetscInt numRows, const PetscInt rows[], PetscScalar diag, Vec x, Vec b)


Input Parameters#

  • mat - the matrix

  • numRows - the number of rows to remove

  • rows - the local row indices

  • diag - value put in all diagonals of eliminated rows

  • x - optional vector of solutions for zeroed rows (other entries in vector are not used)

  • b - optional vector of right-hand side, that will be adjusted by provided solution


Before calling MatZeroRowsLocal(), the user must first set the local-to-global mapping by calling MatSetLocalToGlobalMapping(), this is often already set for matrices obtained with DMCreateMatrix().

See MatZeroRows() for details on how this routine operates.

See Also#

Matrices, Mat, MatZeroRowsIS(), MatZeroRowsColumns(), MatZeroRowsLocalIS(), MatZeroRowsStencil(), MatZeroEntries(), MatZeroRows(), MatSetOption(), MatZeroRowsColumnsLocal(), MatZeroRowsColumnsLocalIS(), MatZeroRowsColumnsIS(), MatZeroRowsColumnsStencil()





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