Return the maximum number of degrees of freedom on any point in the PetscSection


#include "petscsection.h"   
PetscErrorCode PetscSectionGetMaxDof(PetscSection s, PetscInt *maxDof)

Not Collective

Input Parameter#

Output Parameter#

  • maxDof - the maximum dof


The returned number is up-to-date without need for PetscSectionSetUp().

This is the maximum over all points of the sum of the number of dof in the unnamed default field plus all named fields. This is equivalent to the maximum over all points of the value returned by PetscSectionGetDof() on this MPI process

Developer Notes#

The returned number is calculated lazily and stashed.

A call to PetscSectionInvalidateMaxDof_Internal() invalidates the stashed value.

PetscSectionInvalidateMaxDof_Internal() is called in PetscSectionSetDof(), PetscSectionAddDof() and PetscSectionReset()

It should also be called every time atlasDof is modified directly.

See Also#

PetscSection, PetscSection, PetscSectionGetDof(), PetscSectionSetDof(), PetscSectionAddDof(), PetscSectionCreate()





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