Sets a monitor function and viewer appropriate for the type indicated by the user


#include "petscsnes.h"  
PetscErrorCode SNESMonitorSetFromOptions(SNES snes, const char name[], const char help[], const char manual[], PetscErrorCode (*monitor)(SNES snes, PetscInt it, PetscReal r, PetscViewerAndFormat *vf), PetscErrorCode (*monitorsetup)(SNES snes, PetscViewerAndFormat *vf))


Input Parameters#

  • snes - SNES object you wish to monitor

  • name - the monitor type one is seeking

  • help - message indicating what monitoring is done

  • manual - manual page for the monitor

  • monitor - the monitor function

  • monitorsetup - a function that is called once ONLY if the user selected this monitor that may set additional features of the SNES or PetscViewer objects

Calling sequence of monitor#

  • snes - the nonlinear solver context

  • it - the current iteration

  • r - the current function norm

  • vf - a PetscViewerAndFormat struct that contains the PetscViewer and PetscViewerFormat to use

Calling sequence of monitorsetup#

Options Database Key#

See Also#

SNES: Nonlinear Solvers, PetscOptionsGetViewer(), PetscOptionsGetReal(), PetscOptionsHasName(), PetscOptionsGetString(), PetscOptionsGetIntArray(), PetscOptionsGetRealArray(), PetscOptionsBool() PetscOptionsInt(), PetscOptionsString(), PetscOptionsReal(), PetscOptionsName(), PetscOptionsBegin(), PetscOptionsEnd(), PetscOptionsHeadBegin(), PetscOptionsStringArray(), PetscOptionsRealArray(), PetscOptionsScalar(), PetscOptionsBoolGroupBegin(), PetscOptionsBoolGroup(), PetscOptionsBoolGroupEnd(), PetscOptionsFList(), PetscOptionsEList()





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