Attaches the debugger to the running process.


#include "petscsys.h"   
PetscErrorCode PetscAttachDebugger(void)

Not Collective

Options Database Keys#

  • -start_in_debugger [noxterm,lldb or gdb] [- display name] [-debugger_ranks m,n] - set debugger debug_terminal xterm or Terminal (for Apple)

  • -on_error_attach_debugger [noxterm,dbx,xxgdb,xdb,xldb,gdb] [- display name] - Activates debugger attachment

  • -stop_for_debugger - print a message on how to attach the process with a debugger and then wait for the user to attach


If you get the message ” stdin is not a tty, hence unable to attach debugger, see PetscAttachDebugger()”, this means the application is likely running in a batch system and you do not have terminal access to the process. You can try running with -start_in_debugger without the noxterm argument or -stop_for_debugger

Developer Note#

Since this can be called by the error handler, should it be calling SETERRQ() and PetscCall()?

See Also#

PetscSetDebugger(), PetscSetDefaultDebugger(), PetscSetDebugTerminal(), PetscAttachDebuggerErrorHandler(), PetscStopForDebugger()





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