Calls a BLAS or LAPACK routine so that the stack trace returned from any signal received inside the function call includes the name of the BLAS/LAPACK routine


#include <petscsys.h>
void PetscCallBLAS(char *name,routine)

Not Collective

Input Parameters#

  • name - string that gives the name of the function being called

  • routine - actual call to the routine including its arguments

Developer Notes#

This does not check error codes returned from the BLAS/LAPACK routine or ever return from the current subroutine. It merely pushes onto the PETSc stack the name of the BLAS/LAPACK routine before calling the routine and removes it after a successful call.

LAPACK routines that return info codes should be followed by

This macro exists so that when a BLAS/LAPACK routine results in a crash or corrupts memory, they get blamed instead of PETSc.

See Also#

PetscCall(), PetscStackPushNoCheck(), PetscStackPush(), PetscCallExternal(), PetscStackCallExternalVoid()





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