Dumps the currently allocated memory blocks to a file. The information printed is: size of space (in bytes), address of space, id of space, file in which space was allocated, and line number at which it was allocated.


#include "petscsys.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscMallocDump(FILE *fp)

Not Collective

Input Parameter#

  • fp - file pointer. If fp is NULL, stdout is assumed.

Options Database Key#

  • -malloc_dump - Print summary of unfreed memory during call to PetscFinalize(), writing to filename if given


Uses MPI_COMM_WORLD to display rank, because this may be called in PetscFinalize() after PETSC_COMM_WORLD has been freed.

When called in PetscFinalize() dumps only the allocations that have not been properly freed

PetscMallocView() prints a list of all memory ever allocated

This only does anything if -malloc_debug (or -malloc_test if PETSc was configured with debugging) has been used

Fortran Notes#

The calling sequence is PetscMallocDump(PetscErrorCode ierr). A fp parameter is not supported.

Developer Notes#

This should be absorbed into PetscMallocView()

See Also#

PetscMallocGetCurrentUsage(), PetscMallocView(), PetscMallocViewSet(), PetscMallocValidate(), PetscMalloc(), PetscFree()





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