Call a method on a PetscObject, that is a function in the objects function table obj->ops, error if the method does not exist


#include "petsc/private/petscimpl.h"
PetscUseTypeMethod(obj, method, other_args)

Input Parameters#

  • obj - the object, for example a Mat, that does not need to be cast to PetscObject

  • method - the name of the method, for example, mult for the PETSc routine MatMult()

  • other_args - the other arguments for the method, obj is the first argument


This does not return an error code, it is a macro that returns from the subroutine with an error code on error.

Use PetscUseMethod() or PetscTryMethod() to call functions that have been composed to an object with PetscObjectComposeFunction()

See Also#

PetscTryMethod(), PetscUseMethod(), PetscCall(), PetscCheck(), PetscTryTypeMethod(), PetscCallBack()





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