Graphically displays phase plots of DMSWARM particles on a scatter plot


#include "petscts.h"  
PetscErrorCode TSMonitorSPSwarmSolution(TS ts, PetscInt step, PetscReal ptime, Vec u, void *dctx)

Input Parameters#

  • ts - the TS context

  • step - current time-step

  • ptime - current time

  • u - current solution

  • dctx - the TSMonitorSPCtx object that contains all the options for the monitoring, this is created with TSMonitorSPCtxCreate()

Options Database Keys#

  • -ts_monitor_sp_swarm - Monitor the solution every n steps, or -1 for plotting only the final solution

  • -ts_monitor_sp_swarm_retain - Retain n old points so we can see the history, or -1 for all points

  • -ts_monitor_sp_swarm_multi_species - Color each species differently

  • -ts_monitor_sp_swarm_phase - Plot in phase space, as opposed to coordinate space


This is not called directly by users, rather one calls TSMonitorSet(), with this function as an argument, to cause the monitor to be used during the TS integration.

See Also#

TS: Scalable ODE and DAE Solvers, TS, TSMonitoSet(), DMSWARM, TSMonitorSPCtxCreate()





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