Gets the function to compute the Hessian as well as the location to store the matrix.


#include "petsctao.h" 
PetscErrorCode TaoGetHessian(Tao tao, Mat *H, Mat *Hpre, PetscErrorCode (**func)(Tao tao, Vec x, Mat H, Mat Hpre, void *ctx), void **ctx)

Not Collective

Input Parameter#

  • tao - the Tao context

Output Parameters#

  • H - Matrix used for the hessian

  • Hpre - Matrix that will be used to construct the preconditioner, can be the same as H

  • func - Hessian evaluation routine

  • ctx - user-defined context for private data for the Hessian evaluation routine

Calling sequence of func#

  • tao - the Tao context

  • x - input vector

  • H - Hessian matrix

  • Hpre - matrix used to construct the preconditioner, usually the same as H

  • ctx - [optional] user-defined Hessian context

See Also#

TAO: Optimization Solvers, Tao, TaoType, TaoGetObjective(), TaoGetGradient(), TaoGetObjectiveAndGradient(), TaoSetHessian()





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