Creates a parallel, array-style vector using CUDA, where the user provides the complete array space to store the vector values.


#include <petscvec.h> 
PetscErrorCode VecCreateMPICUDAWithArrays(MPI_Comm comm, PetscInt bs, PetscInt n, PetscInt N, const PetscScalar cpuarray[], const PetscScalar gpuarray[], Vec *v)

Collective, Possibly Synchronous

Input Parameters#

  • comm - the MPI communicator to use

  • bs - block size, same meaning as VecSetBlockSize()

  • n - local vector length, cannot be PETSC_DECIDE

  • N - global vector length (or PETSC_DECIDE to have calculated)

  • cpuarray - CPU memory where the vector elements are to be stored (or NULL)

  • gpuarray - GPU memory where the vector elements are to be stored (or NULL)

Output Parameter#

  • v - the vector


See VecCreateSeqCUDAWithArrays() for further discussion, this routine shares identical semantics.

See Also#

VecCreateMPICUDA(), VecCreateSeqCUDAWithArrays(), VecCreateMPIWithArray(), VecCreateSeqWithArray(), VecCreate(), VecDuplicate(), VecDuplicateVecs(), VecCreateGhost(), VecCreateMPI(), VecCreateGhostWithArray(), VecPlaceArray()





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