Applications and Publications#

PETSc has been used for modeling in all of these areas: Acoustics, Aerodynamics, Air Pollution, Arterial Flow, Bone Fractures, Brain Surgery, Cancer Surgery, Cancer Treatment, Carbon Sequestration, Cardiology, Cells, CFD, Combustion, Concrete, Corrosion, Data Mining, Dentistry, Earth Quakes, Economics, Esophagus, Fission, Fusion, Glaciers, Ground Water Flow, Linguistics, Mantel Convection, Magnetic Films, Material Science, Medical Imaging, Ocean Dynamics, Oil Recover, PageRank, Polymer Injection Molding, Polymeric Membranes, Quantum computing, Seismology, Semiconductors, Rockets, Relativity, Surface Water Flow.


These are images and movies from application simulations developed by PETSc users.

Two simulations of plate tectonic spreading at a mid-ocean ridge, driving mantle upwelling and melting. Axes are labelled with depth and distance in kilometres. Colours show the volume fraction of magma present; solid streamlines show the mantle flow; dashed contours are lines of constant temperature (the upper surface is cold, the deep mantle is hot); tracer particles mark the motion of the magma, where it is present. The upper panel has a plate speed of 1 cm/year; the bottom has 5 cm/year. Mid-ocean ridges host 80% of Earth’s volcanism. These simulation are PETSc-based numerical solutions of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy for two phases (mantle rock; magma) and two thermochemical components.

The movies show the effects of erosion and tectonic motion on the deflection and folding of rock units in the upper few kilometers of the Earth. In one case we have a slower deformation rate and a steeper initial slope whereas on the other case tectonic deformation is an order of magnitude faster. The resulting folding patterns have some resemblance with natural folding patterns observed in the Zagros Mountains. From the paper Collignon, M., Kaus, B., May, D.A., Fernandez, N., 2014. Influences of surface processes on fold growth during 3-D detachment folding. Geochem Geophy Geosy doi:10.1002/2014GC005450